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 Пими ® » Monthly Chinese Horoscope

Monkey September 2010

HEALTH: For those having recently discovered high blood pressure, initial high sugar content or increase in cholesterol level, it is high time to reflect personal health conditions and take corrective measures to mitigate them before becoming more severe. Implement a balanced diet and abstain from shell foods that are rich in protein or cholesterol. Consuming more fibrous foods, fresh greens and fruits on a regular basis. Cutting down on rich dairy products and red meats is also recommended. Having regular exercises should certainly help to speed up the improvement process.

LUCK: Think back to occasions in the past when what seemed setbacks were actually progress, although unrecognizable, as that at the time, you will realize what you are currently facing is exactly the same. Unsettling as witnessing elements of your life vanishing may be, they are clearing the way for the activities and alliances that will be central to the new cycle that is emerging now and will take shape over the coming weeks.

MONEY: More disappointments will follow from recent setbacks due to buying or selling property or business operations. One should not continue to rush into complicated matters such as those involving long-term financial commitments with high risk factors. Impatient attitude will only lead to greater financial losses; perhaps one needs to consider a worst-case scenario when things do not happen as initially planned. Watch out for potential con artists who are preying on desperate people.

ROMANCE: Forgive and forget is likely to be the motto of the month especially for those that are having a bad moment with loved ones. One should know by now that no human being is perfect on this planet, including oneself. Hence why kick up a major fuss over minor matters? The ability to balance the practice of giving and taking from both parties should certainly improve the relationship. Maybe it is time to have a hearty one to one talk, hopefully ironing out any misunderstanding.
Monthly Chinese Horoscope (31.08.2010)
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