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 Пими ® » Monthly Chinese Horoscope

Ox November 2010

HEALTH: Others are excited by talk of new ideas and discoveries, but you are not taken in by it easily. Some of the ideas are appealing, yet many seem too far-fetched. Do not ignore them out-right, but explore everything since the actual circumstances involved are changing swiftly. View enforced changes in your lifestyle or diet as a new breakthrough. You may be grumbling now, but soon you will be grateful for them.

LUCK: Certain things infuriate you more than having to justify your ideas to those whose thinking seems inflexible. Worse these issues involve either personal, practical approaches or decisions. Surprisingly what you learn or discover is not merely informative, you realize that those you have dismissed are highlighting vital points you had ignored. So when discussions continue, avoid being dismissive and admit you owe it to yourself to take advantage of this valuable opportunity to learn from other's wisdom.

MONEY: Much as you loathe acknowledging that in certain financial situations you are powerless, it is a vital first step to dealing with these dilemmas. You can then either seek guidance or more challenging but perhaps wiser; allow events to unfold, as they should. Letting go in this way should not just improve your mood, it will revolutionize your attitude towards previously frustrating situations and individuals.

ROMANCE: At times, you would rather forget about the personal relationship and other issues triggered by recent unpleasant events. But there is a lot to be learned from them, irrelevant of who is right or wrong. As long as you are prepared to spend more time in dealing with persistent issues in depth, you will certainly get to the bottom of the truth. While this may not be what you feel like doing, perhaps this is your chance to settle them and put it to bed.
Monthly Chinese Horoscope (07.11.2010)
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