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 Пими ® » Monthly Chinese Horoscope

Ox September 2010

HEALTH: Obviously you would rather be tackling certain persistent and annoying dilemmas. While it is not easy to accept that this period is more about talking, not taking action, force issues and you will swiftly realize just how much damage you could do. With so much betwixt and between, even seemingly simple arrangements either cannot last or are not reliable. Still, what you learn and discover will prove invaluable.

LUCK: Nobody enjoys discussing new and intriguing ideas more than you. Consequently this month will keep you interested and better yet increase your optimism about resolving several tricky matters. Exciting as these may be, recognize that they are only parts of a pattern of change that is reshaping your thinking and objectives. Knowing that, instead of trying to make decisions, you will appreciate this period of exploration.

MONEY: Making certain plans is one thing and you probably did that recently, when exciting developments brought thrilling ideas, offers or opportunities your way. Since then however events may have forced you to think about your objectives and revise those plans several times that you are getting frustrated. Wearying as this is, each of the potential of these ideas and what benefits it could bring. Perhaps once you have acknowledged that progress, you will abandon those struggles and relax.

ROMANCE: Sometimes, things just do not add up. It is not you or your recent doing. Pivoting elements of your life are being reshaped by circumstances beyond your control and you are short of facts. But digging for more information could actually confuse matters. Initially attempts to relax and enjoy life’s pleasure may not be successful, but you will soon catch on. Be ready to move swiftly when the pace picks up by middle of the month.
Monthly Chinese Horoscope (31.08.2010)
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