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 Пими ® » Monthly Chinese Horoscope

Rabbit September 2010

HEALTH: You might be told to go with the flow, which sounds rather poetic and there is watching elements of your life change and having absolutely no control over it. Dreadful as this seems, it is eliminating familiar but restrictive arrangements - both personal and professional. You may not see this yet but you will recognize they are making room for long cherished dreams to come true.

LUCK: Exciting as the developments now sweeping through your life are, it is not all sweet roses. Some of the accompanying changes are causing upset and worry for those who are on the blunt end of these events. Resist the temptation to delay your own arrangements or try to improve theirs. You and those involved are only partway through this process and once the dust has settled, they will be just as happy with life as you are.

MONEY: Sometimes obstacles are just problems to be overcome. The difficulty one is likely to merit serious thought and examination, one should not take things lightly either. It will require some investigation that could reveal certain plans simply are not worth investing or wasting more effort, time or monies. There are others that are complex but require serious digging. By the latter parts of the month, things will become clearer and one can expect some reward or financial improvement.

ROMANCE: It would appear that somebody is not merely been grossly unfair, they have the nerve to imply your demands that they put things right are unreasonable. Obviously such slippery ethics require both clever strategy and patience. State your case simply and as unemotionally as possible, then back off and wait for them to trip themselves up. This is not about revenge but protecting yourself and reputation from being a victim of deceit.
Monthly Chinese Horoscope (31.08.2010)
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