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 Пими ® » Monthly Chinese Horoscope

Rat November 2010

HEALTH: It would not be easy to get involved in endless and often informative debates about the changes facing you or family members. However if you have not made certain personal decisions, these could be meaningless. And it is unlikely you will until later in the month. Meanwhile focus on determining what must remain and the next chapter's priorities. That way when it is time to make a final decision, you will have no doubt which way to head.

LUCK: Magic is in the air but there is a price to be paid and it comes in the form of making changes you have been dreading. However disruptive or unjust these may seem, the real reason you are anxious about them is that they are a completely new experience or situation. Think about times in the past when you were just as concerned things turned out brilliantly and likewise they will this time.

MONEY: There is no arguing you are under immense pressure to make crucial decisions but in the same token, you are distracted by all manner of intriguing ideas as well as several offers. Looking from a different perspective, these are not distractions but great opportunity in disguise. They are encouraging you to question your existing priorities and broaden your horizons now before you make any permanent commitments.

ROMANCE: You are normally logical; however you are infuriated by loved ones or partners who simply ignores the facts. But it is not that simple for certain pieces of the puzzle are missing and will not appear out of the blue. Consequently forcing issues now will merely aggravate the situation. This means, be patient, although this does not come naturally. Discard personal pride and if possible, have a mature and honest discussion about the situation.
Monthly Chinese Horoscope (07.11.2010)
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