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 Пими ® » Monthly Chinese Horoscope

Rat September 2010

HEALTH: Making the best of this month extraordinary discoveries means doing two things you find impossible: being patient and heeding the advice of medical professionals while ignoring that of others. You will need patience, because what is best remains unclear until the test results of truth and confirmation. That is where reliable guidance proves vital, as situations are far too complex than originally visualized. Just keep your nerve, which could transform your health and life.

LUCK: Frustrating as delays may be, each offers a valuable insight. There may be some concern the situations you are dealing with, others are concerned about the individuals involved. Even more important, these are forcing you to move at a slower pace than you prefer. This is frustrating, but it is preventing you from getting too committed to plans. By the latter parts of the month, certain distant promises would transform your life.

MONEY: By now it is to be hoped, you have realized that certain individuals will complain about certain changes, even those that will ultimately benefit them. This frees you from the oppression of trying to make them happy and allows you to focus on your own objectives. Because things are not all straightforward, you have had to hold back hoping that when circumstances became clearer, you could proceed with existing plans. That is looking less likely if you let it pass by these days. So instead, dive in knowing that you will be battling the unexpected and might have to improvise along the way. Once you are actually doing it, you may wonder why you hesitated all this time.

ROMANCE: When you believe in something or somebody, it can be a rather irrational passion. This could be a problem. Beware; between shocking revelations and sudden changes in circumstances, what merely seemed so alluring could turn into a serious liability. Actually, the timing is perfect, since either existing but previously unappealing arrangements suddenly blossom into a dazzling allure or a surprise appearance from nowhere. Treat it as a whole new game.
Monthly Chinese Horoscope (31.08.2010)
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