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 Пими ® » Monthly Chinese Horoscope

Rooster September 2010

HEALTH: While one is accustomed to dealing with the uncertainty of loved ones or close friends, the current inability of those closest, at home or at work, to make decisions could lead to serious problems. Actually the questions they are raising are worth some thought on your part. They highlight situations with which they are struggling and that could influence you. Express your concerns forcefully but diplomatically. Then retreat and allow them to hoist their own petard.

LUCK: You have been aware that certain stable arrangements would have to change if not go. You have probably been negotiating with destiny to retain those elements that you are attached to in some way. The events in the run-up to the next campaign should convince you that this really is not in your best interests. While succumbing to destiny is not usually your style, perhaps it is the best option.

MONEY: Those around you are celebrating recent rather exciting developments or discoveries. While one can see reason for their enthusiasm, one is more inclined to wait until one is more confident about the latest arrangements before one gets out the bubbly. Furthermore with many vital decisions in the hands of others, at present there is no guarantee the direction they choose will ultimately suit you. It is too soon considering opting out entirely; express your interest and keep abreast of developments. Make plans but ensure they are flexible enough that one can change them often to suit.

ROMANCE: Some unattached types are experiencing freedom momentarily after having broken off from a relationship, which caused untold heartache. Before long, one should seek companion's comfort again partly due to the nature of the Rooster type. Hopefully one will be wiser after previous encounters and not repeat similar mistakes. Newly married couples are going through a new phase in life, taking new adventurous journeys, which previously seemed unacceptable or old fashioned. It may appear that situations seem different from where one is presently standing but basically the concept does not change much though.
Monthly Chinese Horoscope (31.08.2010)
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