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 Пими ® » Monthly Chinese Horoscope

Snake November 2010

HEALTH: Be prepared for potential surprising news from afar, where one should feel happy or sad about it, depending on the individual's perception. Those who are prepared to accept the worst should not be drastically upset and vice versa. In general, one should be able to steer clear of the turbulent storm and sail into a colorful shining sunset on the horizon. There will be no significant winner or loser in any situation; ultimately one is advised to consider such experience as another learning curve in life.

LUCK: It is unlikely of you to take no for an answer. So despite recent rather severe issues, it is hoped that you are still working on certain plans or projects. First delve into the source of difficulties and ask others about their concerns. While the resulting insight could take plans back to the drawing board, changes are timely, aim to have any kinks ironed out and deal without hesitation.

MONEY: You are under pressure from a tricky combination of practical matters and certain rather demanding individuals. Urgent as situations seem, try not to buckle. The reason of nothing is adding up, is that either vital facts are missing or the actual circumstances involved are still in flux. There is no quick fix for the time being. Take a break away from the situation and revisit the situation from a different angle.

ROMANCE: Sometimes obstacles are just problems to be overcome. The difficulty is likely to merit serious thought and examination, one should not take things lightly either. It will require some investigation that could reveal certain plans simply are not worth investing or wasting more time or effort. There are others that are complex but require serious digging. By the latter part of the month, things will become clearer and one can expect some positive news.

Monthly Chinese Horoscope (07.11.2010)
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