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 Пими ® » Monthly Chinese Horoscope

Snake September 2010

HEALTH: Good health in general but there could be a potential upper body discomfort during the month due to lack of rest or during physical exercises. Take extra precautions concerning activities like, gardening, jogging, cycling, sailing/yachting and contact sports. Most importantly, do not neglect a healthy diet and abstain from excessive junk foods and drinks during the coming holiday season. Do not consider that one will be forever physically strong and healthy; ignoring minor illness or discomfort, thinking it will disappear after several days of rest. Paying a bit more attention to a hygienic environment could help to avoid being taken ill.

LUCK: The real problem with the developments presently rearranging your life is not the actual events, alarming, as they may seem. It is that you still cannot quite understand where they are heading. And discussions with those you respect yield absolutely no insights. That is because these are not merely changes but rather a shift in the way you and the world around you interact. It will all make sense in retrospect. But until then try to live one day at a time.

MONEY: You are certainly not alone in facing tricky issues - some could be extreme. Few can escape some elements of the power struggle being triggered by the mounting contest for survival; whether it is management control or take-over of a company. Do what you can and no more. That frees you to focus on potential remarkable ideas and offers. These are worth an investment of your time. As long as you keep the cards close to our chest, you stand a better chance of gaining several more points at a later stage.

ROMANCE: One could land in a difficult or tricky position, if one points out problems or says what one thinks, that will upset or provoke a partner or loved ones, which one rather not do battle with. Remain silent, and when things get worse, he/she will ask why did you not speak up. Fear not, an option emerges around the corner, which produces a fresh perspective on such matters. What is likely to take place could resolve your concerns and introduce stunning breakthroughs.
Monthly Chinese Horoscope (31.08.2010)
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