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 Пими ® » Monthly Chinese Horoscope

Tiger November 2010

HEALTH: When talking to those you care about, you always speak from the heart. However you dislike being as open with the rest of the world. Yet if you do not convey your views about certain matters with feeling, it will be assumed that you do not particularly care, which is decidedly not the case. Challenging and often uncomfortable as this vulnerability may be, what you learn about others, circumstances and yourself make it seriously worthwhile.

LUCK: There is no denying that developments are unsettling and will continue to be for sometime. Still be wary of over dramatizing since others are struggling with changes as much as you are. Aim instead to achieve and maintain a calm atmosphere that enables you to discuss events rationally and find ways to accommodate even the most dramatic twists and turns.

MONEY: Tedious as the seemingly endless practical matters and issues involving joint ventures you are dealing with may be, you will soon be relieved they are out of the way. You may already sense the changes in circumstances, triggered by certain party's return to access your financial resources. It is understandable that others are encouraging you to turn exciting ideas into more concrete arrangements, but you are wary. Your instincts are correctly telling you something better is approaching. Until then, ruthlessly clear clutter from the past, so when the moment arrives, you can respond swiftly and passionately.

ROMANCE: While you enjoy a relaxed conversation with loved ones or partner, you dread those of a serious nature. Yet if you do not air certain issues now, misunderstandings could lead to problems. Worse it could create difficulties when dealing with the exciting unexpected offers currently under consideration. If in doubt, say yes now and deal with the details later.
Monthly Chinese Horoscope (07.11.2010)
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