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 Пими ® » Monthly Chinese Horoscope

Goat (sheep) May 2011

HEALTH: Although it may seem others are being difficult for the sake of it, their confusion is actually the result of equally perplexing situations. The irony is, because you are currently benefiting from perhaps in the best orientation and you are immune to others' dramas. By the middle of the month, however things will be far more challenging and you will have more empathy for loved ones or close friends. Life's cycle never remains on an upward trend.

LUCK: It is not that you do not enjoy broadening your horizon, you love meeting interesting people and learning about new concepts. It is just that you are uneasy about recent developments and eager to reorganize your life, mostly to boost your own feelings of security, actually, the elements that will be pivotal to those plans and stability you are seeking have yet to emerge. The more you are out and about, however, the more promising encounters you will have.

MONEY: Your biggest challenge is to discern the difference between determination to achieve essential objectives and refusing to face facts you wish were not true. Recent setbacks will have involved exactly such matters, but that is not to say you have paid any attention to them, which you should. What you learn is not just relevant to the situation in question, it is highlighting goals you owe it to yourself to question now while you can.

ROMANCE: Nobody would blame you for spending the period grumbling about certain unfair decisions that involve you and those closet or dearest. However you will probably be able to argue against them soon, for there is nothing to be done now. Your attention is far better focused on the intriguing proposals currently on the horizon. True you cannot control certain matters and are unusually emotionally vulnerable. There is no quick fix, which means living with this blend of excitement and confusion.
Monthly Chinese Horoscope (02.05.2011)
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