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 Пими ® » Monthly Chinese Horoscope

Goat (sheep) November 2010

HEALTH: Acknowledge that certain arrangements are simply not in your hands, but one managed to overcome the obstacle. One may disagree with certain individuals' views and consider their discussions as disastrous, but cannot over rule them since they are in charge. Take this as a learning opportunity, explore this for the sheer learning, and do not do more than your fair share of the job at this moment. When things gradually settle down, it will become crystal clear who is the main culprit causing such failure.

LUCK: It would be easier to accept that certain situations are quite simply, not yours to deal with and instead struggling with them. The suggestion is for you to focus on other relevant matters. True, you have been avoiding the latter because they are tedious. Ironically, once you are truly involved, you will realize they are actually as informative as they are worthwhile. More importantly, they will prepare you for the coming busy schedules ahead and you will suddenly discover there is insufficient time and resources to cope with the influx and demands.

MONEY: Ordinarily one does not commit to anything financially, which one is not sure about. However since one could not have anticipated facing the current problems, there is no point in bemoaning any unwise decisions. Others are also suffering just as much from the challenging financial volatility. You may feel responsible when actually this is about everybody's ill judgment. Also tempting as it is to put things right swiftly, one is advised to adopt a more leisurely approach, discussing things over with those involved. Do that, and what one learns will do more than compensate for any shortfall in terms of time and money.

ROMANCE: While you may feel envious of the excitement in others' lives or relationships, you are relieved you are being spared the disarray that changes would cause. These are coming your way too and are triggered by the knock-on effects of the events you are witnessing. Knowing that, you tend to lose your grip on certain increasingly antiquated arrangements. Instead of challenging what is unwelcome, you will need to wait and see what happens next.
Monthly Chinese Horoscope (06.11.2010)
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