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 Пими ® » Monthly Chinese Horoscope

Horse November 2010

HEALTH: Tiptoeing around potentially sensitive issues may be considered politically the right approach. Eventually these will need to be confronted or tackled and one's reluctance to discuss them frankly with the right parties or individuals could result in problems or complex situation. "Strike while the iron is hot" should be the right motto. Those involved are far more aware of what has been going on than you envisaged. Hopefully one will learn from this and not only will one put the issues in question to bed, but next time when one encounters a similar situation, one will raise them promptly.

LUCK: Little frustrates you more than being unfairly prevented from expressing your views or organizing things as you see fit. However that is exactly what you are facing throughout this period. Try to maintain a low profile under such circumstances, but if others misinterpret your beliefs or intentions, gently yet firmly put things in order. Pivotal as this all seems, changes will substantially alter even simple arrangements long before anything is finalized.

MONEY: Recently you have often felt you had far too much to deal with. So you are likely to welcome the slowdown that is likely to last for a while. What you are about to discover about others and more importantly, you will resolve past issues and clear the path to future progress. Just bear in mind, there is no immediate solution to the problem.

ROMANCE: Recent questions and objections seemed to be little but a nuisance. However the remarkable insights that have surfaced as you have dealt with them have changed your attitude from irritation to gratitude. So it is to be hoped that when yet more such issues arise within this month, you will delve into them with enthusiasm. These are not just about eliminating past confusion, what you learn will significantly influence your thinking on essential future.
Monthly Chinese Horoscope (06.11.2010)
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