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 Пими ® » Monthly Chinese Horoscope

Monkey November 2010

HEALTH: For ages, one wanted to alter the approach to certain elements of life but was unsure where to begin. Recent encounters or experiences get one thinking what you are happy with, and what not, also what you like to have more of. At the back of one's mind, one will be challenging persistent doubts and preparing to confront potential obstacles. Instead focus on new ideas, and watch out for unexpected encounters, especially with whatever or whoever makes you feel uncomfortable. Unlikely as it seems, that lack of ease is an indication that you are preparing for a breakthrough.

LUCK: One begins the month dwelling on situations involving those with whom you are closely associated or linked, either by friendship or as professional partners. This is nothing new as one has been doing it regularly. Consequently, one should not think there is much left to consider. However by mid-month, certain issues you were either not aware of or which have developed without your knowledge, will surface. Take it slowly and deal with the tricky situation by having worthwhile discussions before it turns into a more complex scenario.

MONEY: Other's actions may be way out of line or they are even just plain wrong in your eyes. Still, before you confront them, pause momentarily and think carefully about the actual situation involved, your personal views and whether their uncooperative attitude might be obscuring essential but unspoken issues. Your instincts are probably already telling you that there are problems. The real question is whether you want to play the role of analyst when you have other pressing issues of your own to focus on. Strangely enough, once you begin to devote your attention to those more personal pursuits, the troublemakers may decide to begin behaving themselves.

ROMANCE: Recent events have got you thinking about your career and talking to others about ways to deal with these developments. The discussions continue and while you might have hoped they enable you to settle on new relationships smoothly. Some involve practical approaches and lead to exciting insights about ways you could improve. Be flexible in circumstances, for you should be able to bend around certain rules and regulations that you loathe. Do not let your attitude hold you back.
Monthly Chinese Horoscope (06.11.2010)
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