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 Пими ® » Monthly Chinese Horoscope

Pig May 2011

HEALTH: Ordinarily it is relatively speaking easy to distinguish between minor obstacles and more substantial issues. Yet because events are taking place in an environment of dramatic change, your assessment of even simple matters is not necessarily accurate. Hence you will soon realize that nothing can be assumed. While initially aggravating, the insights that result are their own reward.

LUCK: Having already been cornered into tricky situations by partners, friends or colleagues, you are wary of expressing any but the most neutral of views. Your best strategy is to avoid them if you could. Instead focus on exploring various recent and intriguing options. Not all but some will provide information that will prove critical during this period and you may have to make a swift decision. Do not take too long a time to decide for the situation could change rapidly.

MONEY: Because you make decisions based on in-depth analysis, they generally withstand most challenges. The situations you are currently facing are another matter. However mostly because the actual foundation involved has been shifting and continues to do so. Nightmarish as this may seem, there is no better time to explore ventures that have previously been regarded as unwise. They could prove surprisingly promising.

ROMANCE: Prepare for the unexpected. Decisions may not be yours to make and you are facing chaos on several fronts. But even though it is out of character, just go with the flow and adopt an open mind. Life is about discovery; unlikely as it seems, shake-up and free you from restrictive arrangements. You do not have to be confrontational about your view, so give them time to understand and accept.
Monthly Chinese Horoscope (02.05.2011)
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