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 Пими ® » Monthly Chinese Horoscope

Pig November 2010

HEALTH: Do not let certain obstacles either at work or the home front cause anxiety or emotional stress. Such trivial issues are not worth bothering with to begin with provided one manages to understand the real reason behind. Sometimes the practice of "let it be" attitude might just do the trick. The more you let minor things get to you, the more one becomes agitated easily for no particular reason. Why should your health suffer at the hands of others misbehavior or misconduct?

LUCK: Generosity may be a virtue, but one seems to have it in excess at the moment. One sometimes worries that in looking after personal interests, one will undermine others. Or perhaps you fear, those one concerned about most will worry about changes disrupting your routine. One can do nothing but things are happening swiftly. Be prepared for concepts that could involve exchanging certain old for the new. Bearing in mind that progress involves taking certain risks. If one waits until one has all the facts, those intriguing opportunities could just vanish.

MONEY: By now it is to be hoped, you have realized that certain individuals will complain about certain changes, even those that will ultimately benefit them. This frees you from the tyranny of trying to make them happy and allows you to focus on your own objectives, because things are not all straightforward, you have had to hold back hoping that when circumstances became clearer, you could proceed with existing plans. That is looking less likely if you let it pass by these days. So instead, just dive in knowing that you will be battling the unexpected and might have to improvise along the way. Once you are actually doing it, you may wonder why you hesitated all this time.

ROMANCE: Having a true love and relationship do not only revolve around you alone. The moment you decided to share your life with someone, it means that you are willing to make certain sacrifices for such commitment. Now suddenly you realize it was a mistake, and want out, think of the ramification it could have on the receiving party. Hence do not make drastic decisions without giving it more thought and consideration. As long as one does not run away from responsibility when each time you encounter an obstacle or are faced with disagreement. One will not learn if one does not make mistakes in life.
Monthly Chinese Horoscope (06.11.2010)
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