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 Пими ® » Monthly Chinese Horoscope

Rabbit May 2011

HEALTH: Usually you are brilliant at avoiding misunderstandings and sidestepping obstacles. However the current mood is so stern that even you cannot make a dent. So try investigating issues in depth. This is not fun but it does prove hugely informative. The resulting insights alone will help relieve anxieties - yours and others'. True you cannot make up for lost time, but believe it or not, you can begin again.

LUCK: After persistent difficulties on the home front, a sudden change of heart or fresh approach brings genuine feelings of optimism. Enough that you rightly feel you can leave things to develop on their own while you attend to those matters and individuals, you have neglected recently. While you may not be entirely sure of the wisdom of others' activities, leave decisions completely up to them. This not only means any problems will be their responsibility; it also frees you to focus on more personal matters.

MONEY: Deal with business or financial matters swiftly. This is not merely because these constitute the tiresome end to a tedious series of issues. It is also because the more inquisitive you are, the more you will broaden your horizons. And some of what you learn could bring exactly the breakthroughs you need or have been hoping for.

ROMANCE: There is a difference between knowing you will need to make decisions and actually committing to a single plan or person. Explore everything and express interest in what seems worthwhile, but as much more is coming, make no fixed commitments. Your perspective on your life, your goals and future, which seem ideal now could change overnight.
Monthly Chinese Horoscope (02.05.2011)
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