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 Пими ® » Monthly Chinese Horoscope

Rooster May 2011

HEALTH: Nobody takes more pleasure in doing things for others than you. When it comes to receiving similar attention in return, it is an entirely different matter, especially if you sense it is assumed you cannot cope with certain difficulties. You confuse others' generosity with criticism. You are facing at least one impossible situation and certain individuals could remedy such dilemmas in a flash. Yet you are hesitant, instead discuss issues frankly and you will not regret it.

LUCK: The tricky situations you are facing are not battles to be won. Rather, each is about viewing some element so of your life from a completely different perspective, although it would not seem so at the time. Think back and what you learnt from them and you may perhaps realize that this is not about doing things your way and what you wanted; it is about going with the flow and changes. You may not readily accept at the beginning and hopefully with time, you would discover the new amazing perspective.

MONEY: While you have talent for dealing with the unexpected, even you are reeling from recent developments. No doubt, they are exciting but with circumstances changing constantly, planning is nearly impossible. If you have already learnt to organize things loosely enough, so that they can be revised readily as those changes arise, you are ahead of the game. It also means you will have no difficulty in dealing with the added confusion triggered by unexpected demands from an inner circle of friends, management or family members.

ROMANCE: Few things annoy you more than situations in which you are forced to bow to others' silly views or equally absurd regulations or demands. But it would appear you have limited choice. Fight these and you will end up frustrated and giving in may seem weak. Have some patience and you will soon discover such situations do not last long and are certainly not worth doing battle over. Take several paces backward when facing next confrontation.
Monthly Chinese Horoscope (02.05.2011)
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