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 Пими ® » Monthly Chinese Horoscope

Rooster November 2010

HEALTH: No sign better understands that life's most important situations, both of a personal nature and those involving more worldly activities, sometimes require serious patience. However all this uncertainty has you so uptight, you are a bundle of nerves. Actually, your best option is also the most challenging - do nothing. Try to influence events and you will only complicate matters. Besides, in-depth reflection on what is going on and what is next could be extremely timely.

LUCK: While you have some wonderful things going on in your life, concentrating on them is a real battle. True, you have certain obligations. The real problem, however is tuning out the relentless and often unmerited complaints of others. If they cannot be ignored, give them five minutes of concentrated sympathy and then tell them you have other things to do. This seems tough, but is your only method of escape.

MONEY: Do not develop any high expectation concerning unsavory battles involving finance; business and certain friends or associates will be resolved amicably. The tricky part is making it crystal clear that you care, but firmly avoiding providing advice or getting involved. If this seems cold or cruel, one will soon be glad one steered well clear of the dramas, which will become much more complex before getting better. In the meantime, one has far more interesting things to pursue, ideas that could take one far away, via discussion, research or even travel away from these scenarios.

ROMANCE: One prefers to deal with situation as swiftly as possible, while loved ones or partner is agonizingly painstaking. Usually one is able to accommodate this difference between your paces and loved ones. Currently, however the issue one is facing requires a tandem approach, from finding discussions to finding a solution and putting in place. Obviously there have been tensions due to indifference; give him/her a chance and hang in there, for one will not regret it at the end. True love and romance is about sharing the burdens together rather than abandonment during time of need.
Monthly Chinese Horoscope (06.11.2010)
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