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 Пими ® » Monthly Chinese Horoscope

Snake May 2011

HEALTH: This month's frequent and often-bizarre developments may trigger feelings of urgency. Unwise as it seems, do the minimum at this stage. You will want to focus on the resulting profound shift in your feelings and perspective on the world around you. What surfaces will revolutionize your thinking, especially about many seemingly fixed elements of your life and loved ones.

LUCK: It is essential for you not to let the temperamental antics of certain individuals or the aggravating situations you are facing undermine your optimism. Recent new developments have been as fantastic as they seem initially. No doubt in some cases, the difficulties ahead could overshadow these incredibly promising plans. Where this applies, be clear and firm, setting limits or making necessary demands. Keep on top of things with exactly this persistence and ultimately you will win.

MONEY: Most people including you are eager to turn thrilling developments into something solid or positive. Discuss plans but make no commitment yet without further research. During this period, what is good at the beginning could turn into something hazy. You may think that events must unfold on their own, often frustratingly slow pace. Try rushing things and you will soon discover why hasty decisions are unwise.

ROMANCE: No other animal sign deals better with the unexpected. However, even you could be overwhelmed by this month's events. Actually, they are not bad, but in fact many are thrilling. It is just that each event changes your life in some way, which means planning ahead is nearly impossible. So simply tackle each day's events as best you can. While ordinarily leaving the rest for later would seem irresponsible; at the moment it proves to be remarkably ideal.
Monthly Chinese Horoscope (02.05.2011)
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