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 Пими ®» Business » Lifestyle» Auto Accidents - New York Personal Injury Attorneys
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Auto Accidents - New York Personal Injury Attorneys

"It was a great pleasure having you as my attorneys and I will always recommend you as the best”

- Carmen Madrid -
Auto accident victim


  Auto Accident Attorneys - New York

Auto accidents occur everyday.  They can cause injuries that range from bumps and bruises to brain injuries and even death.  When negligent drivers cause accidents, the injuries incurred can be held against the negligent party so long as negligence can be proven in court.

In building an auto accident case it is important to be able to recreate what occurred.  This includes presenting information about the circumstances such as the color of the street light. weather conditions and any other factors that in one way or another contributed to the accident.  Much of the information necessary for a case should be gathered as soon as possible after the accident.  The following will contain necessary information to collect and procedures to follow after an accident.

Immediately after an accident, if possible, check to make sure all the passengers of your car are fine.  If you have a camera, try to photograph the accident scene from different angles prior to moving the cars (only if safe).  Also, try to write down everything about the accident you can to help reconstruct it later.  Keep in mind that anything you say after the accident is admissible in court.  If possible, move the cars off to the side of the road, but don’t leave the scene of the accident.  Make sure to warn oncoming traffic of the accident site via hazard lights and flares.  Do not stand in front of or in back of your car, as this can lead to other cars that do not see the accident site to hit you causing severe injury, even death.

Make sure to exchange vital information with other drivers and witnesses.  Get their names, addresses, phone numbers, and drivers license numbers.  Write down the models, types, colors, and description for all cars in the accident.  In addition, ask for the insurance companies and policy numbers for all the involved drivers.  Also, make sure to write down the comments of any witnesses regarding the car accident.

Make sure you seek medical attention for any injuries that you received as a result of the accident as soon as possible.  This way any claim of injury cannot be refuted by saying that the injury occurred between the time of the accident and the medical visit.

One should call the police if anyone has been injured or  if there is property damage.  Remember, not all injuries will be apparent immediately. For example, back injuries tend to show themselves within weeks after the incident.  One should request a copy of the police report whether or not it corroborates your story, because it will be important for your case.

Sometimes injuries occur because of reasons outside the impact itself.  For example, a car defect may lead to or be the causing factor of one or more injuries incurred during an accident.  Defective parts or poorly designed cars may also lead to unnecessary injuries that were not the direct result of the crash itself. The following is a list of the common situations that may lead to and can cause car accident injuries:

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