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Escalator Accidents

Escalator Accidents

Escalator Accident Attorneys

According to CBS News, nearly 10,000 people are rushed to the emergency hospital each year due to escalator accidents.

Many people are concerned about getting on and off of escalators, however safety experts state that you can have serious injuries while riding escalators as well.

Children are often at the greatest risk because of the small size of their fingers and toes, however adults are often victims of escalator accidents as well.

Often escalators are not well maintained or inspected. Many municipalities don't have requirements for elevator safety inspections. In an interview, Kevin Doherty, a nationally certified escalator safety inspector stated "It's unbelievable what an escalator can do to human flesh."

There are potential escalator hazards in: subway stations; shopping malls; movie theaters; parking structures and a variety of other locations throughout the New York area.

Many accidents occur when footwear, such as loose shoe laces, casual thongs, etc. get caught on the sides of the escalator steps or on loose screws. As such, safety experts recommend that you stand toward the middle of the step and that you hold the hand rail. Some safety experts recommend that it may be safer to take the elevator when traveling with multiple children.

Victims and families of escalator accidents may be entitled to significant compensation for these injuries, especially when they are caused by improper maintenance or negligence.

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