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 Пими ®» Business » Lifestyle» Understanding TOPAMAX Side Effects
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Understanding TOPAMAX Side Effects

While everyone is different, some people may experience side effects with TOPAMAX. In clinical trials, most side effects were mild to moderate, and most patients did not discontinue treatment because of them (side effects).

The safety profile of TOPAMAX has been proven in large, well-controlled clinical trials and through extensive patient experience.

What are the common side effects of TOPAMAX?

In clinical trials, they occurred more often during the early stage of treatment and were generally mild to moderate. More serious TOPAMAX side effects are described in the Important Safety Information section.

Numbness and tingling 
This is known as paresthesia and is the most common side effect of TOPAMAX. People have described this as numbness or "pins and needles," most often in the arms or legs. More people had paresthesia during the early stage of treatment; however, it didn't stop most people from taking TOPAMAX.

Some people may feel tired while taking TOPAMAX. More people reported fatigue during the early stage of treatment.

Taste change
Some people on TOPAMAX may have taste changes where food or drink tastes differently. This has been reported with carbonated beverages, for example.

Weight loss 
Some people may have weight loss while taking TOPAMAX. This seems to be related to the dose of TOPAMAX taken.

Difficulty with concentration/attention and difficulty with memory
TOPAMAX may make it hard to concentrate. Some people may have memory recall issues. This reaction varies, but people have described it as "difficulty finding the right word" or "losing my train of thought."

Talk with your healthcare professional if you are feeling any symptoms or have additional questions. While side effects can be frustrating, they were not unusual when first starting TOPAMAX.

Other common TOPAMAX side effects are loss of appetite, nausea, and diarrhea. Your healthcare professional is the best person to talk with about your side effects and can adjust your dose of TOPAMAX if necessary.

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